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We aim to set a new standard for visual fidelity in head-mounted displays, opening new opportunities for professional users.


Clearer Images and Less Eye Strain With Verifocal™

Lemnis Technologies develop Verifocal™, the world’s first platform to control the focus dynamically in a head-mounted display.

Current headsets focus at a fixed distance, inducing sensory conflicts when users observe close objects. This leads to the eye strain, visual discomfort, and low image clarity that turns away potential users and prevents professional applications in today’s VR/AR.
Working together with the natural mechanisms in the human eye, Verifocal™ dynamically adjusts the optics in the headset to create a more comfortable experience. Text finally becomes readable and details become sharper. And with Verifocal™ AR, the real and the virtual world are combined seamlessly, always in focus.
Eye Tracking

Hassle-free eye tracking

Eye tracking monitors the users’ eye movements to determine the 3D points they observe in a virtual or augmented reality environment. A foundamental building block for next-gen mixed reality, it enables higher performance through foveated rendering, more natural gaze-driven interfaces, and advanced analytics for professional users.
After two years of development, the computer vision scientists and engineers at Lemnis Technologies have developed an accurate eye tracker which is calibrated only once per user. This significantly lowers the barrier of entry to eye tracking in a professional setting, with no recalibration needed when repositioning the headset or after taking it off.
Professional Mixed Reality

We Build The Ideal Headsets for Demanding Professionals
Seeking Highest Visual Fidelity

We upgrade commercial headsets with unique features to enable best-in-class visual fidelity in Mixed Reality, for professionals who care about  what they see.

Mixed Reality can finally be used in realistic training scenarios and at every stage in  the development of complex new products: allowing designers to inspect all the details of a virtual car mockup, human factors experts to validate the layout of a new cockpit, or decision makersto approve a new model.

Siggraph 2019
At SIGGRAPH 2019, we will demonstrate headsets targeting professional users,
with a set of unique features to enable best-in-class visual fidelity in Mixed Reality.
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Key Technologies

Hassle-free Eye Tracking
Vision Correction
Verifocal™ AR
Adaptive Calibration

Professional Software Integration

Verifocal™ works with some of the world’s most advanced  professional tools and engines, such as Autodesk® 3ds max  interactive, Prepar3D®, and Unity.

Compatible with existing SteamVR content with no changes  needed, it can be easily integrated into other engines with the  Lemnis Technologies SDK.




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About Us

We are a team of passionate scientists and engineers on a mission to make Mixed Reality viable as the next computing platform.With technology proven by science, backed by research publications and pending patents, we aim to set a new standard for visual fidelity in head-mounted displays. We introduced the pioneering Verifocal™ platform at SIGGRAPH 2018, became a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree for our Verifocal™ VR Kit, and will be showcasing Verifocal™ Mixed Reality headsets with a new generation eye tracker at SIGGRAPH 2019.

Lemnis is a technology company incorporated in Singapore since 2017, and backed by global investors. Our team counts 9 full-time employees, including 4 PhDs from the top global institutions (MIT, Brown, ETH Zurich, Inria, NUS, NTU, KAIST) who have written close to 40 international publications.

We aim to set a new standard for visual fidelity in head-mounted displays, opening new opportunities for professional users. This is our next step to making Mixed Reality viable as the next computing platform.

Eye Tracking
Professional Mixed Reality
About Us
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